One Site After Another (2011)

One Site After Another exists as an invisible annex to the Gowanus Library, one accessible through a WiFi portal that has been fire-walled off to provide a Local Area Network server of a single text – Miwon Kwon’s One Place After Another – expanding through all of its references, and its references’ references.  The pages are accessible within the Gowanus Studio Space’s storefront gallery, and potentially to passers-by after hours. This is a universal electronic library, hosted on a cloud server, but locked within a specific site.  Capable of serving anything: the library operates as a house for books, as a gateway situated in a physical location, as a historical model for preserving and sharing cultural data. The book is also a door to an immense archive, a tomb for thought discoveries from the past. By opening the book you extend the dimensions of the room’s interior.  When you close the book, this expanded interior is no longer perceptible.  We are haunted by context.  We are trailed by data, ever present in the invisible streams of transmissions across the electromagnetic spectrum.


Exhibited In

High/LowDeep/Shallow at Gowanus Studio Space/BQE Gallery (2011)